The Papers Like Never Before @ Hong Kong News-Expo

Evolving from Traditional Engagement

Statistics have shown that traditional media are no longer the main source of news, TV, radio and printed newspapers have all been surpassed by new media platforms such as social media. The growth in an endless stream of new media platforms has provided people with convenient ways to consume news, cultivating a new generation digital landscape. To showcase the traditional news media industry in a different light, the Journalism Education Foundation decided to set up an engaging and interactive museum.

Rich and Immersive Museum Experience

HK News-Expo, the first of its kind in Asia, is located at a two-storey historic building with ample space to showcase its many exhibits in digitalised forms, which help to ease manpower crunch.

Combining technology with creativity, installations such as the 'Giant Scroll' which mimics an old newspaper printing machine where visitors can interact through hand gestures attracted much attention.

Other installations includes the 'Go Live' which provides a green-screen allowing visitors to act as on-site reporters, a 5-metre wide 'New Media Interactive Wall' educating visitors on the dissemination of news on social media platforms and a 'On The Front Page' interactive exhibit where visitors are invited to be part of a news headline, after which they can customise their photos with stickers and print them as a takeaway.

The HK News-Expo opened its doors to the public on 5th December 2018, with automated systems to ensure a smooth flow of operations and seamless visitors' experience at all touchpoints.

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