Operation Lightning Crush - An Immersive Battlefield Experience

Surprising twists, turns and explosive effects - that's the thrill surrounding "Operation Lightning Crush", a military-themed 4D ride that we had conceptualised and produced for the SDC (S’pore Discovery Centre). Launched on 7th September 2019, the ride immersed SDC visitors in a high-stakes battle, featuring 3D stereoscopic graphics and visual FX for an unparalleled multi-sensory experience. By taking on the perspective of our different defence forces, the edutainment attraction offers a good dose of adrenaline rush while educating visitors on the capabilities of our esteemed servicemen.

We are honoured to have Professor Lui Pao Chuen, former Chief Defence Scientist of Singapore, to be the first few riders to get on the attraction. Prof Lui commented, "It will give you a good experience of the armed forces in five minutes." Audiences also mentioned that the attraction was "enjoyable and very realistic" and one of them even "caught a missile" during the ride.

A More Effective and Efficient Production Technique

Brainstorming efforts kicked in once we were commissioned by the SDC to develop the ride, and the general mood was an enthusiastic one. At first, our assembled team had the idea of producing a live-action movie, but it was pointed out that it makes the ride less immersive. The coordination required from the army, navy and air force for the filming proved to be logistically challenging as well. We concluded that a 3D animated story showcases the capabilities of our servicemen in the best way. So, we combined our domain knowledge in defence with years of experience in animation work, producing "Operation Lightning Crush".

The production of a 3D movie is usually a long process, but our team managed to speed up the production time by at least 40%. A new technique shortens the rendering time needed for each frame, making this achievement possible. Our productivity and customers' satisfaction increased, as we're able to stay on our timeline while making changes with this new technique.

On top of the stunning visual effects, audio plays an important part as well in the overall storytelling. Our Creative Director, Mr Lucas Tng injected radio chatters in Asian voices throughout the story, adding on to the immersive experience while demonstrating the co-operation between different forces.


Mr Barry Wong, the Vice President of Training & Simulation Systems, was very pleased with our results. "Combining state-of-the-art technology and creativity, we're able to conceptualise and produce 'Operation Lightning Crush' within a short timeframe of three-and-a-half months. I am thankful for the team's constant determination that made this possible. We're also proud to be presented with the opportunity to work with the S’pore Discovery Centre on this project," said Mr Barry Wong.

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