March 16, 2020 Singapore

Collaboration with Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

To create sustainable and liveable cities, we are partnering Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA) to develop and commercialise an Urban Planning Solution that will support cities in their digitalisation efforts in urban planning and management. Designed with an open-source technology stack, city planners can expect a solution that can be customised to their cities’ needs at a lower cost outlay. With data analytics, time-scale scenario planning and analysis tools, city planners can visualise, analyse and overlay rich sets of information, and use the enhanced solution to coordinate more integrated planning.

“Urban planning is becoming more complex in today’s world, with cities facing population and resource challenges. By combining our deep technology expertise with URA’s proven urban planning methodologies, we now have an enhanced solution that enriches the traditional ways of information gathering, providing quantitative and qualitative insights to help city planners strengthen strategy planning and expedite cities’ development,” said Mr Tan Yuh Cherng, General Manager of ST Engineering’s Training & Simulation Systems.

“URA’s digital planning tools have become a cornerstone of city planning in Singapore over the years, allowing planners across government agencies to share data and insights. By assembling a more holistic picture of different urban systems and planning options, we have been able to strengthen the way we plan for land use, infrastructure and amenities. The Urban Redevelopment Authority sees this collaboration with ST Engineering as an excellent opportunity to bring our digital planning solutions to cities around the world so they can also use these tools to harness data and technology in a practical and meaningful way to create liveable cities for people,” added Mr Goh Siow Chong, Chief Information Officer of URA.

The Urban Planning Solution includes:

· ePlanner, a geospatial planning data analytics portal targeted at city planners for policy and operational decision making;

· Urban Systems Dashboard, a collaborative and advanced dashboard that enables different agencies and stakeholders to plan or monitor existing and upcoming public infrastructure projects in a systematic manner; and

· GEMMA, a multi-dimensional and time-scale scenario planning and analysis tool that supports the development of strategic plans.

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