Welcome to Electronics sector of ST Engineering at 50 years

To our people, customers and partners, we thank you for being part of our innovative process, in shaping connected, secure and sustainable cities.

This special edition is especially dedicated to you.

Join us as we trace back our innovative roots with our pioneering leaders, uncover our invention and inspiring stories, featuring our projects and people.


Organisations must continually evolve to stay relevant. Here we share our evolution and trace our innovative roots back to our pioneering leaders on their relentless pursuit of bold ideas, the enterprising team spirit and the trusted partnerships built with our customers and partners.


Innovation is only successful when it delivers value to our customers and partners. But it does not happen overnight. Our quest to fervently experiment, collaborate and advance never stops - turning dreams into reality, transforming blueprint into action and endowing ideas into breakthrough products and solutions.


Inspired by urban aspirations, we constantly innovate to make quiet yet lasting impact. Be it optimised lighting or seamless commute; be it fortified critical infrastructure or cyber resilience; be it interactive edutainment or simulation trainings, and connectivity anytime, anywhere, we harness the power of technology to enable connected, secure and sustainable cities.


The foundation of our success is built upon our relentless pursuit of bold ideas. We brought together some of our inspiring leaders, disrupters, and change-makers who see a space that others do not, who follow through great ideas, who harness technology to be the agent of change - igniting our 50 years of innovation, and still counting.

Igniting A Digital Economy

[def.] The economic output generated by digital connections amongst people, businesses, devices, data and processes 24 by 7,365 days.

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